We’ve Been Taken Over!

We’ve been taken over! It was lovely to see youngsters from Biggin Hill Primary School taking over our museum today.

Ten pupils took on jobs normally reserved for adults – from object handling to serving in the shop and welcoming visitors to the museum.

The day was part of a national event taking place in venues across the country aiming to give children a taste of life behind the scenes at a museum as well as to inspire them to pursue a future career in the heritage sector. More than 5,000 people, from toddlers to 25-year-olds, take part every year.

Here are some of their thoughts on the day:

“Our favourite job was putting on the hats when we were object handling. We were showing visitors objects from the handling collection, for example gas masks, a Spitfire compass and a baby gas mask. It was humongous and scary to look at.” Finlay, 8, and Thomas, 6.

“We have been learning a lot of new things like Morse code with each other along with learning facts about the war. We have both been learning so much and we wish we could learn more but we are only here for what seems like 1 minute but is about 6 or 4 hours. “Libby, 10, and Rosie, 8.

“We started our day of taking over the museum learning about facts about the soldiers and what happened when people weren’t fighting. Then we went to the shop where we counted objects and when visitors came, we used the till. Finally, after all our hard work, we ate our delicious lunch but soon after we played lots of fun games with a parachute.” Libby 10 Rosie 8.