Volunteer Blog: Presenter Dave Cole

Ever since I was a small boy, I have always had a fascination with aeroplanes and anything aviation orientated. In the early 1960s where I used to live at Biggin Hill village, my late father used to have a Cine camera and recorded a little 2 year old who spontaneously pointed skyward to a  training aircraft that was passing as I stopped playing and froze to the spot  in my parents garden. In the film you see this boy mesmerised and fascinated by the image. I see in myself a similarity perhaps between another young boy somewhere growing up and living next the sea and would probably have similar fascination in what goes on there.

I despised football (STILL DO!) and wasn’t any good at any other sporting activities. As a result I would find any excuse to busy myself away into a nearby library and read anything to do with flying

When I left school in 1974, I managed to get an apprenticeship with an aviation maintenance company. I spent 13 years working with aircraft at Biggin Hill Airport and got the chance to observe aircraft at close hand and also the entire Aerodrome layout.

Today, with the research I have carried out over the past 14 years (at RAF Hendon and the Central Records office at Kew), a strange hobby developed which I found I could finally put to good use. I thoroughly enjoy talking and sharing my aviation knowledge to people who are patient enough to listen!!

I sincerely hope you (and anyone else when visiting the Museum!) will enjoy my tales of Biggin Hill Airport and its fascinating history dating back to December 1916.

Blue Skies