Volunteer Blog: Paul Herbert

Since visiting BHMM when it first opened and how good it was visiting the museum, I decided that I would apply to become a volunteer.

This has given me the opportunity to have an impact on the community and to meet and help make a difference to the people.  It was rewarding in that I met so many different and diverse people from the local area, to people as far away as Australia, the America’s and Europe, with their unique war time, local stories, and events that have changed their lives.  This has increased my knowledge and given me an insight into how people lived during the war years.

It has proven to be a great way to meet new colleagues and to share experiences and improve my social skills as we are meeting on a regular basis.

Volunteering has given me a sense of purpose and direction being able to help others. It has helped me to increase and learn new skills and be able to improve my communication.

This has allowed me to be able to assist in many other areas in the running of the museum such as the Café, Reception, Chapel etc.,  and by giving information of St Georges Chapel and the museum, enabling me to be a more useful member of the team.  This has been a delight to be able to learn new information and being able to impart this to members of the public.

It is a good way to explore interests and is a meaningful and interesting way to relax from normal day to day routine.

It has been a pleasure working at the museum and would advise anyone interested to apply.

Finally, the people working at the museum are a delight to work with and are very easy to talk to and ask for advice.