Biggin Hill Boffins: Tea-Time Teaser

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Biggin Hill Boffins: Tea-Time Teaser

Biggin Hill Boffins: Tea-Time Teasers

Hello everyone. We hope you and your family are keeping safe and well. While schools are closed, we thought we’d send you a daily weekday brainteaser at 4pm to keep your grey matter geared up and your intellect intact whilst you stay safe at home. It might be a puzzle, a code, a riddle or a picture of a mysterious object from our museum collection. Write your solutions down at home (don’t post them online) and we’ll be back at the same time the following day with the answers so you can see if you were correct – along with a fresh mystery for you to solve. Happy puzzling!

27/3: Here’s the answer to yesterday’s puzzle:

The riddle referred to a Hurricane. Hawker Hurricanes and Supermarine Spitfires are the iconic planes associated with the Battle of Britain, many of which flew from RAF Biggin Hill. You can see fibreglass replicas of the planes flown by fighter pilots Geoffrey Wellum and Pete Brothers at the gates of our museum.

 Today’s tea-time teaser:   This is a snippet of a picture taken at RAF Biggin Hill during the Second World War of something very dear to 609 squadron pilots. But what does it show? Answers on a postcard please….


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