Airmen’s New Testament Bible belonging to Flight Lieutenant Howard Bell, 130 Squadron; 1940; L006.1
50 kg unguided explosive bomb  -not active; L004.1
Child’s gas mask and box; L004.2
Flying Officer ‘Bobby’ Oxspring (later Squadron Leader) silver cigarette case; L004.3
Tankard belonging to Flying Officer Herbert V.C Gibbs, 92 Squadron ; Mappin & Webb's; L004.5
WW1 Aviation watch belonging to Wireless Officer Frederick Stanley Mockford, 141 Squadron; L008.2
RFC swagger/sword stick belonging to Wireless Officer Stanley Mockford, 141 Squadron; L008.3
Sheet from a calendar which may have been saved from the fire of the original St George's Chapel in 1946; Crossley, Leon S/Ldr; Raphael Tuck & Sons Ltd; 2017.14
Luftwaffe tea cup - part of a Luftwaffe tea set; 1941; 2017.15.1
Luftwaffe saucer part of a Luftwaffe tea set; 1941; 2017.15.2
WAAF jacket belonging to Leading Aircraft Woman Alice Findlay (nee May); 1941; 2017.16
4 original photographs of the memorial inauguration event at the original ST George's Chapel 1943.1 Battle of Britain pamphlet; British official photograph; 1943; 2017.18
Illustrated London News, 29th September 1945; Captain Bryan de Grineau; 29/09/1945; 2017.1.3
RAF Biggin Hill metal tag - function currently unknown; 2017.10
Royal Observer Corps Binoculars and leather case; 2017.2
Fragments from Biggin Hill sector crash 18 August 1940; 2017.3
2 RAF coffee cups and 1 RAF milk jug from Biggin Hill Officer's Mess, 1940; 2017.12
Aircraft recognition drawing book; 2017.6
'Pilots of Fighter Command' by Captain Cuthbert Orde, 1942 - 1st Ed. ; George G. Harrap & Company Ltd.; Cuthbert Orde; 1942; 2017.7
14 Aircraft Recognition Cards depicting German aircraft; 2017.8
Flying map belonging to Wing Commander Douglas ‘Grubby’ Grice; RAF; L010.2
photo negative - the parade ground at Biggin Hill showing an unidentified commemoration; possibly April 1944; 2018.1.574
Goldfish club badge; E053
Photograph negative of...; RAF; 2018.1.1
Compass, P11; L007.2
Rocker cover from right hand bank of Merlin III engine, stamped Rolls Royce; Rolls Royce; L003.1
Section of engine cowling (duralumin) ; L003.2
Top 51cm of the control column including complete 'spade grip' (part no. AH2040); L003.3
2 fragments of a pilots map; L003.4
RAF Biggin Hill Post box cover plate + tags ; 2017.13
RAF Biggin Hill civilian pass belonging to Gladys Horwood of the 'Kings Arms', Leaves Green.; RAF; 1939; 2017.19.1
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation letter to Gladys Horwood regarding an interview she took part in, talking about her time in Biggin Hill during the Battle of Britain. Includes a small newspaper clipping relating to this.; Canadian Broadcasting Corporation; 1960; 2017.19.3
Drawing of the Pilots memorial at the original RAF St Georges Memorial Chapel. ; 2017.19.4
Photograph of the original RAF St Georges Memorial Chapel. ; 2017.19.5
'Out of the Ashes' pamphlet - 16th September 1950; 2017.19.6
RAF Battle of Britain Service booklet, Sunday 18th September 1955; 2017.19.7
Photograph of Pilot Officer Alan Grout, RAFVR; 2017.19.9
Biggin Hill air-fix train model, assembled.; Air Fix; 2017.20
Ceramic Delft Memorial tile given to the chapel by the Protestant Churches of the Netherlands ; 2017.26
Battle of Britain 50th Anniversary ceramic mug; 1990; 2017.27
Dinner menu from '1000th kill' celebration dinner at the Biggin Hill Sergeants Mess. ; 11/06/1943; L002
RAF Service Dress cap belonging to Pilot Officer Peter Pool; Gieves Ltd.; 2017.29.1
Red leather wallet belonging to Pilot Officer Peter Pool; 2017.29.2
A letter, dated  ‘Tuesday’ from Olivia Archard to her sister Margot.; Archard, Olivia; L001.1
A letter dated ‘March 2nd’ from Olivia Archard to her sisters Margot; Archard, Olivia; L001.4
A letter dated 'Friday 4th’ from Olivia Archard to ‘Girls’ (her sisters Margot and Le) with envelope.; Archard, Olivia; L001.6
WW2 RAF Biggin Hill Try Square, 1940.; 1940; 2017.24
A letter dated June 17th 1944 from Olivia Archard to her sister Margot; Archard, Olivia; 17/06/1944; L001.7
Pub table inscribed with the names of the Guys medical students and fighter pilots from Biggin Hill; 1941; 2017.21
Oil painting of the Original RAF St George's Chapel by Elva Blacker, with unfinished portrait of Canadian pilots on the reverse.; Blacker, Elva; 1944; 2017.23
A POW postcard to Lilian Simpson from Keith Ogilvie, 29th November 1943; Ogilvie, Keith; 29/11/1943; 2017.11.5.22
photo negative - Station personnel - ; 1940; 2018.1.357
A POW postcard to Lilian Simpson from Keith Ogilvie, 13th August 1943.; Ogilvie, Keith; 13/08/1943; 2017.11.5.21
photo negative - Station personnel - ; Edwards, FJK; 1940; 2018.1.358
photo negative - Station personnel - ; Mrs M Andrews; 1940; 2018.1.361
A POW letter to Lilian Simpson from Pilot Officer J. Omer Levesque, 27th February 1944; Levesque, Omer; 27/02/1944; 2017.11.5.3
A POW letter to Lilian Simpson from Pilot Officer 
J. Omer Levesque, 14th November 1943.; Levesque, Omer; 14/11/1943; 2017.11.5.2
photo negative - Station personnel; 2018.1.364
A POW postcard to Lilian Simpson from Pilot Officer J. Omer Levesque,  29th June 1943.; Levesque, Omer; 29/06/1943; 2017.11.5.17
photo negative - Station personnel; 2018.1.365