Captain Cuthbert Orde – War Artist: 18 December 1888 – 19 December 1968

Yesterday marked the 130th anniversary of the birth of Cuthbert Orde, war artist, coincidentally, today is the 50th anniversary of his death in 1968.

There were many remarkable fighter pilots of the Battle Britain: our appreciation of some of them is enriched by the portraits of Cuthbert Orde.

Orde, himself a veteran of the Great War, was asked by the Air Ministry to produce portraits of the Allied Air Crew of Fighter Command. He started this undertaking during the Battle of Britain.

Of the many fine portraits he drew, 64 of them were reproduced in the book, ‘Pilots of Fighter Command: Sixty-Four Portraits’ published in 1942 by Harrap & Co. Ltd. This object will be featured in Biggin Hill Memorial Museum.

The above portrait is of ‘Bob’ Stanford Tuck, drawn 14 September 1940.

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