Request for Second World War childhood items


Do you have any items from the Second World War that you would be willing to give us to help deliver really exciting sessions for schools and young people?

 One of our sessions for schools at the museum will be focused on the experiences of children during the Second World War.  As part of the session we would love pupils to be able to handle real items from the period.  Do you have anything you would be willing to give us to supplement what we already have?

We are looking for everyday objects that help young people really get a sense of what life was like.  These include:

  1. Shrapnel, aeroplane parts or anything similar scavenged by children in the area
  2. Important documents – for example identity cards, ration books
  3. Childhood play items
  4. Other (small) items from everyday life around Biggin Hill during the Second World War


These would not form part of the museum collection, but be used for handling, largely with young people.  We will store and look after them with the greatest care, but there is always a risk of damage to items we allow people to hold and touch.  We will keep records of who gave us items, but we will not be able to return them.  These items will create lasting memories for young people and help to ensure that the history of Biggin Hill in the Second World War is not forgotten by future generations.

 If you have anything that does not fit into the list, but you think might be interesting for people to look at, handle and discuss please let us know.

If you have something you think would be suitable, or would like to know more, please contact our  Learning and Access Officer